Agnes Eco-Printed Handwoven Scarf - Swirl

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A stunning one-of-a-kind piece that embraces nature and indigenous community.

We know your friends will be asking so get ready to tell the handcrafting story below.


100% Handloom woven cotton: With the loose weaving of handlooms, this fabric is so breathable that it keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. Lightweight and velvety soft.

100% plant dyed: Soil background color from "tingi" bark, a local plant.

100% eco-printed from fresh leaves:  Mimba leaf. Cotton leaf. Castor leaf. Lanang leaf. Tabebuia leaf. Kalpataru leaf. 

A Love Story of Giving

At the start of 2020 we set out to marry design and nature through eco-printing, and bring nature on your clothes. Eco-printing is an age-old technique where living plants are pressed onto fabrics, and then heated to transfer its shape, color and marks on the fabric. These contact prints are called “eco-prints.” To eco-print this scarf, we collaborated with husband-and-wife artisans, Hardi and Luspa, who needed four days to complete this piece. They foraged the leaves we need around Bali. After three hours of steaming, magic happened. The colors and shapes were revealed as we lifted every leaf off the unwrapped fabric. With nature doing the printing, we never know what we get. We learn to surrender, accept and be content. And the result is always groundbreaking. 

Indigenous weavers weave magic for this scarf, as they keep the flame of this dying art alive. It takes about two hours for a one-meter strip to be created. Weaving requires the weaver to be strong and use both engineering skills and creativity. Weaving by hand is the interlacing of two sets of yarn - the warp (length) and the weft (width) using a loom - a wooden equipment that facilitates the interlacing without the use of electricity. Weavers inherit the skill from their forefathers and in turn pass it on to their children so weaving can sustain their livelihood. 


  • Made for longevity so you wear it a lot or share - as scarf, sarong, shawl, headscarf, bed runner, bed throw, sofa throw, wall hanger. Feel free, earth-loving, edgy, sexy.
  • Featuring: Swirl pattern and colors from fresh leaves. Hand twisted tassel.
  • SizeLength: 70in * 180cm. Width: 39 in * 100 cm.
  • Care for long-lasting plant-dye: Cold hand wash or machine wash with like colors. Use eco-friendly or gentle detergent. Air dry in the shade or tumble dry low. Dry clean not recommended as natural dyes react to heavy synthetic chemicals. Plant dyed colors will fade if left in the sun for a long time and washed in hot water. Mend when torn. 

You become a donor

Every purchase supports a cause as we share 50% of our net proceeds to the community. Together we help underprivileged children get the quality education they deserve at the eco-school we support in Bali. Learn more about our school mission in the blog.

Celebrating Artisans

Handwoven in Java. Learn more about how artisanal techniques work in our blog.

Aligning with UN SDG Goals

We take pride in contributing to at least six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 4: Quality Education; Goal 5: Gender Equality; Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 14: Life Below Water; and Goal 15: Life on Land.

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