Munti Batik Handpainted Plant Dyed Scarf/Sarong - Two Hearts

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Wearable art, completely made by hand using Indonesian batik technique of hot wax, and completely from plants with plant dyed handloom woven cotton. No machines, no harsh chemicals, no rushing. 

We know your friends will be asking so get ready to tell the handcrafting story below.


100% Handloom woven cotton: With the open weave construction of handlooms, this fabric is so breathable that it keeps you cool in summers and warm in winters. Lightweight and velvety soft.

100% plant-dyes: Blues from strobilanthes cuisia leaf. Blacks from ketapang leaf. Browns from coconut husks.  

A Love Story of Giving

Batik handpainting of the motif, two hearts on Bali stones called kerikil, was expertly done by the batik-trained mothers and fathers of the Muntiguning batik team. Muntigunung is the poorest community in Bali. Kids walk miles to get to school Families fetch water from 5 hours away. Villagers can't do farming - unlike the rest of Bali - because the land is too dry. Only motorbikes can go in on many dusty and unpaved roads. Then in 2004, Swiss Daniel Elber came to Bali and gave them hope. He created a social enterprise that keeps on upskilling mothers and fathers so they can work and elevate their lives. During the pandemic, the batik artisans' work slowed down but their fighting spirit kept going. 

Plant dyeing is using natural dyes that are extracted from fresh plants and mixed by hand instead of synthetic chemicals made by machines. Good for the health: Safer than synthetic dyes as they don't contain chemicals harmful to health. Good for the ecosystem: As plants can be regrown, they’re a renewable, low-cost source. Good for the heart: Tie-dyeing to us means fun and freedom. It gives us permission to be anti-perfect, find beauty in accidents and inaccuracies, and more space for experimentation to get pleasingly erratic results that are free-spirited yet contemporary.

Handloom weavers weave magic for this scarf as they keep the flame of this dying art alive. It takes about two hours for a one-meter strip to be woven. Weaving requires the weaver to be strong and use both engineering skills and creativity. Weaving by hand is the interlacing of two sets of yarn - the warp (length) and the weft (width) using a loom - a wooden equipment that facilitates the interlacing without the use of electricity. Weavers inherit the skill from their forefathers and in turn pass it on to their children so weaving can sustain their livelihood. 


  • Made for longevity so you wear it a lot or share - as scarf, sarong, shawl, headscarf, bed runner, bed throw, sofa throw, wall hanger. 
  • Featuring: Motif - two hearts on Bali stones. Hand twisted tassel.
  • SizeLength: 70 in * 180 cm . Width: 39 in * 100 cm.
  • Care for long-lasting plant-dye: Cold hand wash or machine wash with like colors. Use eco-friendly or gentle detergent. Air dry in the shade or tumble dry low. Dry clean not recommended as natural dyes react to heavy synthetic chemicals. Plant dyed colors will fade if left in the sun for a long time and washed in hot water. Mend when torn. 

You become a donor

Every purchase supports a cause as we share 50% of our net proceeds to the community. Together we help underprivileged children get the quality education they deserve at the eco-school we support in Bali. Learn more about our school mission in the blog.


Aligning with UN SDG Goals

We take pride in contributing to at least six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 4: Quality Education; Goal 5: Gender Equality; Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 14: Life Below Water; and Goal 15: Life on Land.

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