Tara Handpainted Heritage Batik Dress - Dragonfly

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A one-of-a-kind, wearable treasure painted by hand using ancient batik technique. An uncomplicated design so you can wear it a lot in more than three ways - as a dress, as a tunic over your legging, as an open wrap over your long sleeves or sleeveless top. 

Dragonfly is the symbolic motif of this batik piece.  In Japan, dragonflies are revered as the country's national emblem. They are seen as protector for their children. Because dragonflies were thought to be fearless, swift and courageous, they are believed to bring strength and protection. 

When your friends ask how batik is made, get ready to tell the batik handcrafting story below.


100% cotton primisima: Unbleached. Primisima cotton is known for batik painting for its tight weave. Lightweight that gets softer with every wash. 

100% plant dye: Blue from indigofera tinctoria leaf.

A Love Story of Giving

Indonesian batik is an icon of Indonesia. UNESCO noticed and included Indonesian batik in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in 2009 for its technique, symbolism and culture. We love batik creations because we want the world to see and enjoy this hidden treasure. Batik is wearable painting. Batik is the process of dyeing fabrics slowly by hand where batik artisans draw babat (story) onto the fabric with titik (dots) using the traditional tools of canting (spouted bowl) and malam (hot liquid beeswax). In modern art, it’s called resist-dyeing technique. Every batik motif conveys philosophical messages and stories. Batik artisans enjoy meditation in the process as batik must be made with calmness and patience. Batik is nature-loving. Typical botanical dyes used for batik come from teak, mahogany, ketapang, tamarind, mangosteen, mango, pandan, indigofera, guava, onion, banana and other natural resources. Batik is more than stunning prints and colors. It’s a cultural treasure, made in a sacred way, so comfortable to be worn a lot, and long-lasting to be passed on one day when your loved one is ready to appreciate the value it represents. 


  • Batik for this piece is over 5 years old, sourced from a batik collector in Yogyakarta so it's been loved but not used.
  • Made for longevity so you can wear it a lot. Batik-made fabric becomes durable for its repeated hot waxing and dye bathing during the batik process.
  • Featuring: Midi length . Oversized proportions and dropped should sleeves. Boat neck. Of course with two utility pockets.
  • Fit: One size. Chest: 31in * 80cm. Length: 34in * 88cm. Model Laura is 5'5" * 167 cm.
  • Care for long-lasting batik: Batik gets softer with every wash. Cold hand wash or machine wash with like colors. Use eco-friendly or gentle detergent to retain dyed colors. Air dry in the shade (not under the sun) or tumble dry low. Dry clean not recommended as natural dyes react to heavy synthetic chemicals. Mend when torn. 

You become a donor

Every purchase supports a cause as we share 50% of our net proceeds to the community. Together we help underprivileged children get the quality education they deserve at the eco-school we support in Bali. Learn more about our school mission in the blog.

Celebrating Artisans

Batik made in Yogyakarta. Cut, sewn the traditional way in a home-based family workshop in Bali that shares our values for environmental and social responsibility. Learn more about how artisanal techniques work in our blog.

Aligning with UN SDG Goals

We take pride in contributing to at least six of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 4: Quality Education; Goal 5: Gender Equality; Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; Goal 14: Life Below Water; and Goal 15: Life on Land. 

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