Balinese Tridatu Protection Bracelet - Moon and Sun Stones

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STYLE: A protection and balancing bracelet. Our intent is to share the healing energy of Bali with those who believe through this meaningful Tridatu bracelet, braided in traditional red, white and black threads. In Bali, life is all about balance so we amplified Tridatu with Moonstone and Sunstone to link the power of these balancing gems. We are privileged to have our bracelets blessed by our respected Balinese healer in Ubud, Bali, to deepen its hallowed significance.▪️Mindfully crafted by our Balinese friend, Adi, and artisan Kadek Dika, it is refined with an adjustable loop and a tiny heart charm in sterling silver engraved with LOVE STORIES and BALI. 


Tridatu: "Wearing Tridatu bracelet around our right wrist is not an accessory, it's a necessity, so we feel protected and cleansed from negative influences", explains Adi. Tridatu means three powers manifesting God called “Trimurti”: Brahma, the Creator, represented in red which evokes creativity and bravery; Siwa, the Destroyer, in white which awakens goodness in spirit; and Wisnu, the Preserver, in black which moderates protection from bad spirits. 

Moonstone and Sunstone: Sunstone in its relation to the sun attracts good fortune and instills confidence in those who feel lost. Moonstone in its relation to the moon brings calmness and eliminates negativity of the mind. Sunstone holds the solar (masculine) energy of the sun, while Moonstone holds the lunar (feminine) energy of the moon. Moonstone stimulates the divine and sacred feminine within while Sunstone arouses our passion, strength and sense of order. Together, they make a perfect pairing for harmony, protection and balance. 

Details: Moonstone and Sunstone circumference: 9 in | 24 cm. Moonstone is rainbow moonstone for that beautiful blue shine called labradorescence. Thread: cotton connected through the holes of the stones for extra durability. Wearable 24 hours: strong weaving and waterproof, you can choose not to remove it. 

GIVING:  You become an inherent donor to our school mission.▪️Together we support the livelihood of small artisan communities.▪️Together we advance the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 for a better world.

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